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August 25, 2020: Eurydactylodes agricolae

Today we bring you a very weird little gecko, the Eurydactylodes agricolae, one of four geckos of the Eury family. This strange looking gecko has quiet the personality packed into a small package!

The Eurydactylodes agricolae, or Bauer’s chameleon gecko, is a small species of gecko from New Caledonia. They inhabit the maquis scrub and sclerophyll forests, primarily in low lying shrubbery and greenery. They blend in excellently with their surroundings, but when stressed or threatened they put on a ‘puffing’ defense and intensify their coloration.

Agricolae are excellent climbers and have prehensile tails that allow them to anchor themselves on whatever they’re gripping. They have a love of thin branches, vines, and stems of plants. The species itself is not exactly shy, and are commonly seen basking themselves during the day instead of hiding. At night, they are incredibly active. This species does bask happily under UVB as well, and their colors seem to become more intense!

Agricolae in particular eat both insects and fruits in the wild. In captivity, we substitute the fruit for ‘Fruit-based’ gecko powders, such as products from Pangea and Leapin leachie. They are ferocious hunters, and will hunt a single insect around an enclosure for quite a long time. For young agricolae, feeding them can be quite the challenge due to their small size, but as adults they can handle large prey, such as 1/4″ crickets and small silkworms. They aren’t a particularly picky gecko, but do enjoy things that move around a bit.

These geckos are incredibly fun, and a very interesting species that is cited by those who keep them as their favorites in their collection.

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