Herp of the Day

August 24, 2020: Anolis sabanus

The Saban Anole is a small, colorful anole endemic to Saba, a small, volcanic island in the Caribbean.  This anole is found nowhere else in the world– The only species entirely exclusive to Saba.  

Within the island, they are found primarily in the middling elevations, around 500-800 meters above sea level, in the tropical cloud forest.  However, they have been known to appear at all altitudes, from the peak to the waterfront.  These anoles prefer to take refuge in the underbrush and large root buttresses near ground level, though they will wander several meters up into trees.  They are extremely common throughout the isle.

Anolis sabanus is sexually dimorphic.  Males display a bright yellow, speckled coloration reminiscent of a leopard gecko.  Females carry a much less impressive appearance, almost entirely lacking the black speckling, and holding a comparatively dull base coloration.

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