Community Update: 8/19/2020

Good morrow, herptastic herpetarians, and welcome to our August 2020 Community Update– Codename: Operation Put-A-Ring-On-It. This month, we’re focusing on Engagement! We’ve had so many new faces joining us in our discord server, and we wanted to come up with new ways to highlight members of our community. To that end, we’re introducing three new programs. Many of you may have seen similar initiatives in other communities across many topics, but these are all new to us. With that in mind, they are all starting in a trial capacity, and may be adjusted as needed.

Herp of the Day

Every day, we’ll be publishing a short post about one of the many, many herp species out there.  Some of the species we’ll be posting may be quite common in the pet trade.  Some, you may have never heard of.  We hope that by highlighting a different species each day, we’ll be able to generate even more conversation, and expand in our educational role in the community.  If you have a species you’d love to see featured, drop us a line!

Herp of the Day posts will be posted here on our website each day, with the link then posted to the #herp-of-the-day channel in our Discord server.

Keeper Highlights

Every week, we will be highlighting a keeper or a creature from within our own Reptile Haven community.  Everyone likes to show off their critters!  Many of our community members have incredible enclosures, or unique herps, and we look forward to helping them share the products of their hard work.  

As with the herp of the day, we hope this can also be educational.  We are particularly eager to highlight unique, high quality setups that solve common problems in clever ways.  If you want one of your setups highlighted, message one of the Discord mods!

Biweekly Picture Contests

This is one we’ve had requested for quite a while.  We are pleased to introduce biweekly photo contests!  Post your best herp pictures, and every two weeks we’ll be picking one winner to be posted on the homepage of our website, along with a short, mini-highlight.  

We’ll be going into more detail about this when the first contest launches later this week, but a few groundrules:

  • Only one submission per person per two weeks
  • No resubmitting pictures.  Once you’ve used it for one contest, that’s it.
  • All pictures must be your own, but they don’t have to be of your own creatures.  Got a good picture of a wild frog?  That counts!  Got a picture of a zoo animal? Post away!
  • Winners will be selected by staff, with preference given to those with significant community support (measured via reacts)

This system is very likely to be adjusted based on interest, as well as community feedback.

Knowledgeable Members

Earlier this month, we added a new role to our server: The Knowledgeable role!  This role is given by the staff team to members who have shown themselves to be a strong information resource, able and eager to provide other community members with information and aid.  If you ever need help quickly with a care related issue, please feel free to @mention the role.  

Please keep in mind, Knowledgeable members are not Moderators, nor are they server staff.  In the event of an issue requiring staff attention, please reach out directly to a member of the Mod team.


We’re trying a bunch of new things this month, in the name of community engagement.  Most, if not all of them, will see changes as we iron out the details.  If you have any suggestions, or ideas for new programs, we always want to hear from you.  This is your community, we are simply the stewards of it.  That is the spirit of Operation Put-A-Ring-On-It.

Thanks for reading, and herp on.

-The Reptile Haven Staff

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