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Care Sheets

The heart of our website, we have care sheets for a multitude of reptile species. Each care sheet is carefully reviewed for accuracy and consistently updated to stay relevant with the best husbandry practices.


Learning to set up a bioactive enclosure? Maybe trying your hand at a few different DIY projects? Maybe you just need a good tropical dirt mix. Whatever you're looking for, we've probably got a tutorial for it!


We're constantly posting product reviews, news from the reptile community, and other articles that might be of interest! Whether it's how UVB works with reptiles, or explaining heat, we've got something!

Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragons are one of the best well known pet reptiles, learn more about them in our care sheet below!
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Ball Pythons
One of the most popular pet snakes, learn everything we have to offer about Ball Pythons in this featured care sheet.
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